We are cup-filling experts.


The expression “you can’t pour from an empty cup” is so very true.  At work and at home, you pour. Every day. Giving at home and at work. So, how do you fill your cup? We can help you with that!

An Acorn + Oak retreat is all about you.

Our goal is to help you fill your cup. Actually, we will even give you a handmade cup, made just you and this retreat! From the moment you arrive on site at camp, our primary goal is to fill your cup. With wine. With tea. With creativity. With self-care. By the end of the retreat, your cup will be full. Heck, it might even be overflowing!

How do we do this?

Good Food – Delicious and lovingly prepared. Local and vegetarian.

Good Drinks – Tea. Coffee. Wine. Cocktails. As local as possible.

Good Art – 4 creative art workshops (weaving, writing, jewellery-making, and your choice of wet-felting of painting/drawing).

Good Community – Bringing together people who value self-care, wellness, creatitivty, and connection.

Good Activities – Yoga. Trail running and hiking. Canoeing and kayaking. Enjoying the great outdoors.

Good Connections – Mixing and mingling during cocktail socials. Relaxing at family-style, sit-down meals – that you don’t have to prepare!

Good Loot – A tote bag filled with treasures – all for you!

About Us

Annie + Jenn met while next-door neighbours at an art show and instantly realized that they had probably been best friends in a previous life. Combining their shared passions, they founded Acorn + Oak in order to bring people together and grow creativity. When they aren’t scheming up brilliant business plans, they are both kept busy with their own creative businesses (which, coincidentally, both involve playing with hot glass!).